With the many changes this year has brought about for businesses, developing a strategy for a hybrid-workplace is something that organisations must now look toward. Creating a safe and efficient workplace can be overwhelming but by understanding the key components to making it work through ActionPoint Academy’s Half- Day Workshop, we show you can create your own Hybrid- Working plan.


1. Assess and Discovery

· Assess how you’re currently operating

· Look at your end user set-ups, applications and usage patterns

· Discover how productive and efficient these systems currently are


2. Demonstrate How an Ideal Hybrid- Working System Works

· The correct equipment for optimal set up

· Tools for collaboration and communication with your team and customers effectively

· Modern, secure ways to access your line of business applications


3. High Level Hybrid Work Plan

· We work with you on creating the start of your Hybrid workplace plan

· Provide tips and guidance on how best to create a plan tailored to your organisation


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Time: TBC. (These workshops typically run from 9 am - 1 pm)
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