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There is a clear discrepancy between the expectations placed upon modern organisations and the way in which data is traditionally stored. In the era of always-on business and high customer expectations, organisations need to be flexible to changing market demands and continuously disrupt with new innovations. These digital-age requirements are in direct contrast with physical, on-prem data centres. Traditional data centres are centralised, require significant capital investment and manual maintenance. At ActionPoint, our team is vastly experienced at facilitating cloud migration. Complete Cloud Migration from ActionPoint is carried out to enhance overall functionality, scalability and performance.


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Your Cloud Journey Powered and Managed by ActionPoint




  Define Strategy

Meet with key stakeholders to workshop the motivations driving cloud adoption and specify desired outcomes. A business case is developed to validate the financial model supporting the transition.


Develop a cloud adoption plan. As part of this planning stage we create an inventory of your digital estate, we address all skills and knowledge gaps and establish a framework for initial organisational alignment.


We work with you from the very first workload migration ensuring a seamless transition from on-prem to managed cloud.

Govern and Manage

We manage and optimise your new cloud data centre, meeting with you to agree business commitments and operational baselines. We then send you a report each month or quarter to highlight performance.


The Importance of Complete Cloud Migration for Modern Business


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Access to the Azure Cloud lends itself to increased workplace flexibility and a more mobile workforce. It also better positions organisations to operate internationally.

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Transitioning from physical data centres to a more elastic cloud solution, allows for greater scalability and flexibility.

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Azure is used and trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and is continuosly monitored by Azure Security Centre. ActionPoint is ISO 27001 certified meaning we meet the highest global standard for information security and management.


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An expertly executed cloud migration strategy will have a significant impact on your organisation’s scalability, agility and future innovation prospects. Take the first step towards securing your organisation’s future today.

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